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Sinar is a sweet girl born into a simple family. She is forced to give up her education for the sake of her sibling's Ferry and Shinta's education. Sinar devotes her life to looking after her family members. This makes the entire family depend on her. She does it all lovingly and willingly.

Sinar's sincerity and devotion make her parents, Ali and Ayu, love her dearly. Ayu hopes and prays that Sinar gets a rich and respectful husband who will keep her happy.

Ayu's prayers are answered. Sayid, a rich and good looking man, comes and proposes to Sinar. Sadly, this happiness doesn't last long. Due to a problem, Sayid's family cancels the wedding of Sayid and Sinar. Sinar's family is devastated.

Sinar's sadness doesn't last long. Galang, a handsome mechanic, falls in love at first sight  with her. Galang's sympathetic attitude makes Sinar fall for him. They even plan to get married and live their lives together forever.

But deep in his heart, Galang has doubts and is afraid. His family is far more poorer and all his family members are materialistic.

Galang's fears are soon found out by Windy, Sinar's sister in law. She has all this while wanted to take revenge on Sinar as she hates her. Cunningly, Windy takes revenge and is determined to destroy Sinar's life. She pretends to be nice and supports Sinar and Galang's relationship. But to Ayu, Windy lies and tells her that Galang comes from an esteemed and rich family. Ayu finally agrees to Galang and Sinar getting married.

The truth comes out on the day of the wedding. Ayu feels that Galang lied to them. Sinar is forced to cancel the wedding. She is faced with two difficult choices. On one side, she is in love with Galang and feels that this problem is not his fault. On the other hand, Sinar cannot disappoint her mother. Which one should she choose? Her love or her family?






Ririn Dwi Ariyanti,