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Bumbu Bumbu Cinta


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At the beginning, Abel and Nino are two archenemies because of each one’s ego. It started with Abel learning to cook fried ox tail soup to show off to her future in-laws, while Nino who’s an expert in that dish wouldn’t teach it to her. Even though they are best friends, Nino and Abel are always arguing. Abel’s the only daughter of a rich and proud businessman, while Nino’s a regular guy that is easily offended with high pride.

Until it happens that Abel’s parents went bankrupt and had to flee. Her engagement with Radit was cancelled as her future in-laws were angry. Abel’s parents were accused for fraud of their wealth. Radit was forced to get engaged to Laura. Abel was confused hearing this engagement news. She purposely attended the engagement. When he was about to put on the ring on Laura’s finger, Radit saw Abel and ran after his ex-girlfriend. Radit’s parents were angry and gave Abel and ultimatum to never meet Radit again.

In her sorrow, Abel decided to go to Palembang and look for an address of a villa that both her parents stayed in before they flee. Upon her arrival in Palembang, Abel was surprised. She didn’t see a villa; instead it was a rundown house. And the house belongs to Nino’s grandmother. Abel tried but Nino’s grandmother turned her away. Abel didn’t want to leave. Out of pity, Nino allowed Abel to stay there.

After sometime, Abel started to rent for her lodging there, even though her relationship with Nino’s grandmother wasn’t good. Nino had to claim that Abel was his girlfriend, although in reality they are always fighting behind her back. How long will Nino pretend that he is dating Abel in front of his grandmother? Will they both truly fall in love?