2014-01-06 21:41:49

The soap opera "Tendangan Si Madun" which had the highest TV rating on MNCTV is back with an even better story.

With a new title "Tendangan si Madun returns",it will show  the expertise of Yusuf Mahardhika (Madun) U14 National Team former captain, playing ball, in order to meet the Indonesian's interest towards football.

The story is filled with morality, and is very close to the daily lives of the Indonesian society in general.  How a young boy likes to play ball, live simply, have dreams, but is hampered by the problems of life. He is a victim of circumstance, with no one to blame.  Conflicts between family and pride issues, often obstruct his hobbies in his childhood which should have been one filled with happiness.

However, the essential meaning of happiness for Madun was not in the material world.   In his own way, with honesty and innocence, Madun is certain that he will find happiness and it will be beautiful.
One by one, slowly but surely, he manages to overcome all the problems that come his way.   For Madun, nothing is impossible, no one can stop him from dreaming big and aiming high. With hard work and perseverance, his prayers get answered.

"Tendangan Si Madun Returns" is a production of MD Entertainment, produced by Manoj Punjabi, directed by H.Ahmad Yusuf and Agam as the screenwriter.

The talented cast includes : Yusuf Mahardika (Madun), Elma Theana (Mrs Marni/Madun's mother), Chairul Yusuf (Mr Darmawan), Tessa Kaunang (Mrs Shinta), Richard Ivander (Juki), Bemby Putuanda (Bang Jebret).


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