Manoj Punjabi: Flying High To The Top

2014-10-14 23:51:34

Manoj Punjabi's presence in the television and film industry, his work, ideas, life story, creativity and talent has been an invaluable inspiration. In the future, Manoj is obsessed with taking MD Entertainment global by creating  films that are widely recognized and internationally reputable. On Friday the 15th of November 2013 at Halim Perdanakusuma, at a very special event, this Producer as well as owner of the production house MD Entertainment, offered his views on jets  to the magazine "Indonesia Jetgala" According to him, a private jet is not only prestigious and comfortable but also supports the speed and efficiency of work. Recognizing this, in perspective, the use of jet aircrafts becomes part of the lifestyle of successful executives and appreciates very high work efficiency.  Here's the full coverage.


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